What does tea mean to me?

For me, tea is a ritual of relaxation.  Taking the time to savor a steaming cup of tea literally melts all stress away.


Tea is my weeknight ritual.  I like to spend a few hours watching TV, snuggled up in my polar fleece throw, sipping tea and escaping from work-related stress.  Honestly, I like that better than clubbing…  I guess I’m 29 going on 80!  When I feel really stressed or am going through a very busy period, I also like to enjoy a long, leisurely soak in the tub, surrounded by a few candles, drinking a divine cup of tea and reading a magazine or chick-lit book.  It’s good for clearing the mind and a great escape.


Right now, I’m partial to teas with a low caffeine level, infusions and herbal teas, so that I can get a blissful night’s sleep.  I absolutely love very fruity, almost-sweet infusions that could stand in for dessert.  I have a tremendously sweet tooth and find a “dessertless” dinner immensely sad, which is obviously not great for my waistline!  A tea that’s just fruity and sweet enough makes it easy for me to replace my sugar craving with a much healthier hot beverage.


On weekends, I have a tea as soon as I get up.  It’s the perfect way to start an amazing day.  I’ll take it easy, savoring a tea and making the most of a day off to unwind.  A cup of tea, Food Network (ideally a Jamie Oliver show!) and my polar fleece throw are all I need to spend hours thinking about anything and everything but the stress of “real life”.  It’s a moment’s respite, a well-deserved day off and total bliss.


I discovered iced tea because of green tea, which may seem quite astonishing, but I love green tea’s strong, distinct taste and characteristic bitterness.  I’m guilty of letting my tea steep longer than recommended in order to get an even more intense flavor.  I love my green tea piping hot and chilled, too.  Green tea has a Zen flavor, and it’s my go-to tea for a relaxing moment.  I never add milk or sugar to my tea because I like the “real” taste of tea.   I love discovering its different layers of flavor and adore its gorgeous lime green color!


Last December, I came across a tea called “Sugaring Time” in the TeaTaxi Advent Calendar.   It was love at first sip!  Imagine the flavor of classic green tea enhanced with a hint of sweetness, which I also love (this tea blend contains real maple sugar!)… Simply put, it’s happiness in a cup.


I think I’ve found a new tea and the perfect date for lounging with my pink polar fleece… or soaking in the tub!


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